Total people diagnosed : 20,392 people
1. Do She Got a Booty? (698)
Forgive me; I was bored.
2. Which Team Fortress 2 character are you? (433)
Everyone knows it's all about that hats. Still editing
3. What kind of Titan would you be? (1,055)
What will you be called, and who will be your first victim?
4. What will your band be called? (494)
What kind of music will you play?
5. Harem Club! (843)
Your Harem consist of the following characters. Who's in your Harem?
6. Your Pokemon Waifu? (2,147)
Become the new Brock of the Pokemon world, and claim all the Waifus! Tweet if you want too.
7. What kind of Gym Leader are you? (4,082)
Where would you reside, what type of Pokemon would you use, and where badge would you give out? Twee...
8. What kind of Pokemon would you be? (711)
You have suddenly been transformed into a new type of Pokemon! Tweet if you want too.
9. Which Pokemon represent you? (1,412)
Which Pokemon are most befitting to you? Find out now! This generation Includes all 718 Pokemon! Twe...
10. Your Favourite My Little Pony Character? (300)
Check out Legends of Equestria! Tweet if you want to.
11. My Waifu, and My Husbando (2,123)
Welcome to the sea of love! Come now, and find out your destiny! Over 256 Waifu's, and Husbando...
12. What is your State Alchemist name? (3,195)
Congratulations. You're now a dog of the Military. Tweet if you want.
13. What will your child's first senten... (598)
Time travel has been invented and your child has sent you a letter containing their first sentence! ...
14. How skilled are you? (502)
How would you fair in a different realm filled with magic, destruction, and fighting? The max in an...
15. Who's your soul Waifu, and your Riv... (879)
Welcome to the nearly endless sea of Waifus. Given the limitations of this system only 256 Waifus c...
16. Which Super Smash Brother character shou... (580)
Who will you be destined to play, or should have played in the previous incarnations of the game?
17. What game are you destined to make? (340)
Need assistance thinking of a horrible name for your upcoming video/game? Look no further! This gene...
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