not immune to DRK
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Heyo, I'm Del! He/him. I'm a librarian, RPG fan [FFXIV/XBC/etc.], and artist for fun. Expect drawings, screenshots & possible spoilers. Icon by @MintSaDui
Noctilum, Mira


Total people diagnosed : 74,772 people
1. What are you as a Pokémon? (437)
See what your type and stats would be!
2. Xenoblade X Character (34)
What would you do on the planet Mira?
3. If you were a Pokémon Trainer? (11,100)
Find out what your hometown, Pokémon specialty, and trainer class would be!
4. If you're a Pokémon...? (63,201)
Determine what kind of Pokémon you would be!
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