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Total people diagnosed : 9,857 people
1. Your Housamo Unit (213)
Gifted with a Sacred Artifact and a Role, you fight for the sovereignty of your world in the great G...
2. Your New Digimon Partner (478)
Welcome to the Digital World, hope you're ready to meet your new Digimon "Partner".
3. Your Godly Self (935)
You stand upon the precipice of greatness, so just what kind of god are you?
4. Your Koopa Self (1,809)
Without realizing what it is, you have just picked up a Koopa King Shell power-up and been transform...
5. Your New College Roommate (895)
It's your first day of college and you're about to find out who your new roommate is. Why ...
6. Your Dream Furry Bara (1,318)
You're out and about and you accidentally bump into someone, and you find them to be something ...
7. Your Sudden Weight Gain (3,619)
You do an accidentally and soon the blubber will start rolling onto ya. You ready?
8. Your Hot Male Mystery Date (590)
As you're getting ready for a mystery date your friends have set you up on, you hear a knock at...
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