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public tweets of oldguy waffles, mostly jojos/hxh/megaten (and hockey), occasionally art about these things. find my gaming/SMT account at @hitowaffles!
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1. RT if you think... (184,417)
Gauging what your followers think of you!
2. ur yaoi romance (24,038)
how yaoi is ur life find out
3. 描いてみなよったー (392,867)
4. じょじょひよこったー (126,541)
今日のヴィジョンはだれでしょうか 追記:許可なしにアイコンにするなどの無断転載はおやめください  ●11/1キャラ追加
5. Which Jojo is ur forever love (18,102)
find out which jojo character u will be w/ together forever!!
6. who r u da eggbaby of in jojo (7,138)
ur 2 jojo dadys
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