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1. How fat did you become? (1,519)
Includes weight gain, stuffing, and gas, aimed at mecha like transformers
2. How gassy are you? (974)
You've eaten something that doesn't agree with you.. How is your stomach processing that m...
3. Are you a slut? (483)
Are you a slut?
4. Rubber toy suit (607)
You open the package on your door step and...
5. Dick growth! [HYPER] (7,325)
Quantitative version! Lotsa numbers and whatnot. How much did you grow and how quickly? *Hyperness ...
6. How obese will you get and why? (42,454)
Yet another generator that describes how awfully fat your character has gotten and how they ended up...
7. Vore story prompt (2,856)
(First try at one of these) Writing prompt for any vore authors out there. It will occasionally use ...
8. Which bara furry will you vore? !!NSFW!! (6,044)
You have your prey right where you want them... Who are they, and how do you sate your hunger? LONG ...
9. Furry Stuffing (2,790)
My first Shindan. It's pretty dumb
10. You are inflated. (31,272)
How did you get blown up?
11. You as a perverted daddy! (NSFW) (8,192)
Very NSFW simulator for what sort of perverted father figure you are. *INCEST WARNING*
12. Vendameal, who are you going to eat toda... (1,769)
Vore Shindan, willing flavored, probally worksafe
13. Dined on at the Gym(NSFW) (4,299)
You received a complimentary trial membership at a high class gym...what is your name
14. Lights camera burping (912)
Put the name of a character in and see what kind of movie they would Star on as a pred!
15. Furry Escort Service (3,610)
Who will you spend the evening with?
16. Furry Character Creator (105,795)
Enter a name - or yours - and get a randomized, anthropomorphic character just for you! (Mythical c...
17. What Should you Hypnotize? (1,733)
How to determine what exactly should you hypnotize on this day!
18. Hypnosis anyone? (3,565)
You run into bluedude and zsisron together. Do you get hypnotized?
19. Hypnobear Week (3,806)
How did the Hypnobears treat you?
20. It runs (down the throat) in the family ... (2,556)
You have a very hungry family. You included. Who will wind up eating who and what will happen? Warni...
21. Your New Men's Underwear Generator! (9,607)
Been wanting a new pair of undies to impress the guys at the gym, your mate, or innocent bystanders?...
22. Your Incest Vore Experience (7,787)
Someone in your family is very hungry. Maybe it's you. WARNING: Freaky adult situations.
23. Inflatable transformation (6,121)
What sort of inflatable will you become
24. Inflation & TF (6,949)
Inflation and Transformations, but what will happen to you?
25. Inflation and TF Spell (25,998)
You open up a spellbook and read a random page...
26. What turns you on? (39,857)
Ever wonder what kind of secret kinks you have?
27. Having Fun With the Belly (2,231)
How will you have fun today with your belly?
28. Inflation Shindan 2.0 (4,866)
Involves various kinds of inflation. (i.e. Soda, Air, Water, Et cetera)
29. Belly appreciation! (24,332)
Let's see how someone's enjoying their big, round tummy today... Contains lots of long se...
30. your vorish date (pred) (1,313)
I have decided to make a much more "wholesome" vore scenario creator. Simply put in the na...
31. Belly Inflation Prompt (7,916)
Insert a character and read how they got a big ol' belly!
32. gorge yourself (6,697)
Get a huge stomach. Warning, there wil be vore in result. Send foodstuffs and scenarios ideas if yo...
33. your vorish date (prey) (2,191)
I have decided to make a much more "wholesome" vore scenario creator. Simply put in the na...
34. A Fair Filling (17,722)
You've been captured for stealing unlabeled kegs! Your captors decide an unusual punishment and...
35. An Adventurer's Voracity (7,514)
A dungeon artifact gives you great strength... and great hunger. What sates it along the way out? (V...
36. How do you eat your prey? (14,978)
Find out how you most enjoy eating a big, squirmy detail!
37. Latex trap (10,154)
A sudden latex trap, what will happen to you?
38. Mystery Tubes (10,965)
You come across a wall full of feeding tubes. You take one of them and stuff it in your mouth! What ...
39. Alchemy! (5,961)
You've met a mysterious alchemist seeking a love potion, but they've tasked you with colle...
40. You're a Daddy! (7,753)
What will you be like when you get upgraded to "daddy" status? What will your kid be like?...
41. OTP prompt generator (99,268)
Type in OTP/Pair/Character names! makes better sense if written ' character ' AND ' ...
42. How will you become fat? (7,493)
Includes: weight gain and farting.
43. Your furry transformation (13,791)
What sort of furry creature will you change into today?
44. Your Furry Vore Experience (39,244)
What's eating ya today, or maybe you're the one who's hungry?
45. Your More Alternative Furry Vore Experie... (11,584)
For those who like the weirder sides of vore and prefer a more alternative way. Not safe for work an...
46. operator's kinkatorium [18+] (3,404)
[NSFW/18+] Honestly, you probably shouldn't have walked in here.
47. Your Vorish Day on the town (6,194)
What you did to get that gut
48. A Special Rear View (7,162)
You (or whomever you may choose) desire a bigger tush, but how exactly will this be accomplished? Ju...
49. Potion Tester (4,334)
Drip the goop Witch needs a new tester for her potions, looks like you've volunteered!
50. You're a kitty! (2,635)
You are now a kitty, don't ask how it happened just embrace it.
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