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1. You as a Boss Fight (347,964)
ψ(`∇´)ψ When the protagonist comes to fight you, how will you measure up? (Includes stats chart)
2. witchsona (211,387)
double, double, toil and trouble...
145 by @heartmush
3. Become a Magical Girl! (156,337)
Make a contract with me and become a magical girl! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
4. Your Character Stats (166,138)
What kind of character are you and what are your stats?
5. Bishounen Maker (75,284)
create your bishounen character!
6. OTP prompt generator (86,843)
Type in OTP/Pair/Character names! makes better sense if written ' character ' AND ' ...
7. Senpai Says (170,771)
If senpai DID notice you...
8. Secret Fetish - Cuz I'm Bored (339,521)
What is the patient's secret turn-on? (Note: All these are ones that exist. I didn't make ...
9. would you like to battle? (119,545)
a leadersona generator for all your leadersona needs!
59 by @heartmush
10. RPG Character Types (76,898)
I'm sure this has been done a bazillion times before but here's my take on it. Enjoy~
11. Love Letter Confession!~ (97,336)
There's something in your locker... What could be hidden within this heart-stamped envelope?!
43 by @_emitan_
12. Your unique weapon (58,798)
You need an awesome weapon?SHINDAN TIME!
13. You look good wearing what? (66,328)
3 of your best looks.
39 you by @42196de74
14. Your Anime Form (88,573)
Find out how your 2D form looks like!
15. Gemsona Ability (33,936)
You've tried the Maker and weapon, and you have Standard gem abilities, but what is your unique...
16. Your special power (109,460)
what power do you have
17. Anime personality (113,867)
What is your anime character personality?
21 you
18. OC design generator (10,073)
mainly for feminine looking characters tbh
19. Your OC maker (12,511)
Makes you a new oc
20. Robot girl generator (4,233)
Generate a robot girl character! This one is a bit detailed so it probably won't play nice with...
21. Steven Universe Weapon (136,687)
You're a Crystal Gem!
22. Anime Power Generator (24,265)
Find out what power you'd have as an anime character!
23. Heroic Title (104,650)
What do the people know you as, hero?
24. what's your fantasy sona? (4,573)
orc? witch? knight? who knows!
25. Who should I draw? (4,874)
A little generator to give you some ideas for drawing people.
5 by @graylish
26. Anime Character Randomizer~! ^-^ (5,876)
Enter a name to create a random character or enter your own and see what happens~.
its in the title
28. What is your anime's antagonist? (302)
If you were in an anime, who would you face against?
29. Character Creator Maker (490)
This makes a vaguely ridiculous complex character! Yeah, I know it doesn't all 100% work. The r...
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