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hi! i'm supposed to tweet about #conlang-s! i'm also a student in #gamedesign and #graphics| @emitheartist | 20, 🏳️‍⚧️ 🚺 and #INFP


1. Alchemy! (5,022)
You've met a mysterious alchemist seeking a love potion, but they've tasked you with colle...
2. Banzai's Magical Box of Transformat... (10,679)
The box reads "Property of Banzai the Bat - DO NOT OPEN!" on the side. Dare to take a peek...
3. Anime Girl Type (NSFW) (67,252)
Generates your anime girl stats! Some answers are NSFW and answers will be unexpected!
4. You as a Female High School Student (26,487)
5. How milky do you get? [NSFW] [HYPER] (12,803)
Everyone loves boobs and milk, so how much milk do you produce?
6. Female Character Generator! (40,634)
Generate a female character here! (NSFW too) Feel free to suggest things for me to add! UPDATE: thi...
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