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Favorites(Sorted by Date)

1. Bishounen Maker (67,375)
create your bishounen character!
2. Your first date with Senpai! (23,179)
How will it look and how will it end :3
3. What are you a god of? (27,743)
Get your God(ess) title! Changes daily!
4. Find out your DMMd husband! (2,712)
Who is your yaoi husband???
5. Your DMMD OTP! (1,076)
hell yea hell yea hell yea
6. Your type of Uke (4,242)
And type of seme you in love with
7. You And Your Yaoi/Yuri Partner (13,221)
8. Your BL-Yaoi Manga-self (6,721)
Your BL-Yaoi Character type and Mangaka
9. Your BL Life ☆ (24,104)
you're now a character in BL manga...
10. How Horny Are you? (16,743)
Find out how horny are you?
2 by @Kyozaio
11. What's your fetish? (32,626)
Discover your hidden fetish!
12. What you're lacking (107,505)
Tips to make yourself a better person.
13. ★ BATTLE ROYALE ★ (13,487)
Are you prepared?
14. Your Super High School Level (67,927)
Find out your title in Danganronpa!
15. Who is your dangan ronpa date? (1,015)
hella yeah
16. Your Dangan Ronpa SHSL (1,234)
What is your super high school level anwyaY?
17. You in Dangan Ronpa? (2,600)
Survival in Hope's Peak Academy
18. SHSL Title (687)
Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy!
19. Confession (78,184)
How will your confession turn out?
20. What kind of stalker are you? (23,491)
You creep.
21. Who is your perfect Anime BoyFriend? (58,919)
Diagnoses your perfect Anime BoyFriend.
22. ur yaoi romance (22,117)
how yaoi is ur life find out
23. Your Life as a Monster (10,999)
So, you happened to become a zombie, vampire, or some other evil being. Let's see how much trouble y...
8 by @Mytholite
24. You + [?] = Happiness (79,978)
what makes you a happy person
25. Shingeki Fate (8,574)
This will decide your fate if you were in Shingeki no Kyojin
26. For the next hour, you must... (33,492)
See what your hourly challenge is, and tweet/reblog your result as you try to fulfill it!
27. Are you an S or an M? (66,144)
"Everything can be divided to masochism or sadism"
23 by @stephieku
28. BL Yaoi-type lover (43,276)
What kind of a lover in the BL Yaoi world are you? Let me draw your results!
29. Role in Hentai (73,070)
If you were in a hentai, what role would you have?
30. Secret Fetish - Cuz I'm Bored (320,129)
What is the patient's secret turn-on? (Note: All these are ones that exist. I didn't make ...
31. your male genderbend (146,743)
find how your genderbend looks like!
32. What type of seme/uke are you? (94,318)
Find out here~
33. RT Dares (21,863)
this is pretty lame but ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
34. Anime/Manga Character (198,100)
What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?
35. Senpaitter (5,337)
Your ideal senpai!
36. Your Teikou Story (8,247)
Let the rainbow guide you.
37. What do you smell like? (2,872)
Sniff sniff
38. ~SMOOCH~ (19,078)
How do you kiss?
39. Senpai says... (10,805)
Senpai's words for you
40. What should you do (1,881)
Let me tell you what you should do. Come back everyday
41. Your Ideal Type (72,906)
What is your ideal type?
42. Anime personality (109,981)
What is your anime character personality?
43. What Makes You (428,327)
What ingredients does it take to make you?
44. What flavor are you? (46,704)
Let's find out how you taste...
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