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Favorites(Sorted by Date)

1. Monster OC Generator (22,503)
Made to help me make background characters for my webcomic, Devil's Candy( http://devilscandyco...
Hot! 33 oc by @tsulala
2. Inktober Fantasy (6,040)
~ A Dark Fantasy Role Player~ In this inky dark world, man and monster coexist and the sun hasn'...
3. otp prompt/AU simulator (5,007)
all the cool kids are doing it. some are nsfw
4. Some OTP drawing prompts!! (6,254)
Enter your otp for some cute and silly drawing prompts! Some may be nsfw.
5. Plushomancy (882)
Look. Sometimes it's been a long day and you just wanna feel nice and soft. We've all been...
6. Random Stat Generator (117,251)
find out your stats (will add more)
50 by @teamskulI
7. mahou shoujo dress (1,144)
Idk helps me with character building 4 my story but ur welcome 2 try lol
8. what kind of magical witch are you? (48,806)
which witch is which?
9. Your Anime Look. (13,328)
How will your look turn out?
10. Your Eye Power! (9,756)
Now the real question is it in both eyes or one? That's up to you! None of these sound famili...
11. You're a phobia. (92,142)
Now find out what kind of nightmare you are.
12. Your Ultimate Skill (5,355)
The main antagonist nearly died, what skill will you use to finish him/her?
13. if you were an otome character (38,086)
friendly to all genders!
14. Inktober Witch (14,675)
★But when was this witch and what did it do??★
15. Romance stats! (20,696)
Get your personalized romance stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
16. Perfect Waifu (19,555)
Generates a name and description of your perfect waifu. (Updated)
17. What are your stats as a husbando? (58,085)
Heavily inspired by @polypholly's "What are your stats as a waifu?" but for...husban...
18. Your Famous Last Words (442,258)
Words that everyone will remember you by. You only die once! (Now with charts!)
19. Your 「Persona」 Game (14,097)
what your own persona game would be like
4 Games by @jivke
20. Anime OC Description (31,404)
See your anime!
21. Your Stats! (66,367)
D rank= low SSS rank= highest
22. What would your quirk ability be? (564)
Looks like you got that two-bone pinky toe, time to discover what quirk you'll have.
23. What is your superpower? Physical and me... (27,969)
What's you're super powers? You can have multiple.
24. Your Character Stats (148,724)
What kind of character are you and what are your stats?
25. witchsona (195,843)
double, double, toil and trouble...
118 by @heartmush
26. Become a Magical Girl! (150,787)
Make a contract with me and become a magical girl! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
27. RWBY Weapon Generator 2 (87,711)
What other weapon will you have in RWBY?
28. Your status as a servant (64,228)
Generates your status as a servant
29. Gemsona Ability (29,755)
You've tried the Maker and weapon, and you have Standard gem abilities, but what is your unique...
30. RWBY character generator (48,887)
Tells you your look, weapon and semblance
31. Your Pokemon Form Base Stats/Type/Abilit... (96,357)
Find out what are your stats, ability and typing if you were a Pokemon. All Abilities and Types inc...
32. Your RWBY Life (53,199)
A OC generator, minus the name. You provide that. Have added main, support, villains and misc charac...
33. Your role in the anime (158,140)
Find out your own epic role in the anime!
34. Cute Fighter Generator (2,465)
A fun little character maker.
35. FE: Awakening Generator (1,589)
My first one of these. Enjoy!
36. What "Dere" are you? (71,076)
Let's check what type of Dere are you?
37. Female genderbend! (45,396)
Check your female genderbend!
10 Anime
38. Video Game of You (32,630)
A video game about yourself
8 Game by @Yirba
39. Your Hetalia date (15,358)
Find out wich is your perfect date from the Hetalia characters
40. My Hero Academia Quirk (335,740)
What's your quirk?
41. Super Waifu Generator! (36,274)
42. RWBY Semblance Generator (47,199)
This is a brainstorming generator for all the RWBY OCs out there. I've added some and corrected...
43. Anime personality (110,719)
What is your anime character personality?
20 you
44. Mythical Creature (11,079)
What would you be if we lived in a world of fantasy?
45. Drawing Challenge (5,374)
A basic description for a character to be drawn.
46. Your Perfect Anime Self! (681)
What will you be like?
47. Magical girl generator (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。 (60,468)
What would you look like if you were a magical girl!!!!!!
48. How Successful Can Your Ship Be? (93,000)
Put "[Character 1] x [Character 2]" into the text box and see how much of a chance the shi...
49. You as a Magical Girl! (With Type) (43,552)
well then? UPDATED!
50. Your new OC (22,488)
This will generate a new OC for you!
Hot! 33 OC
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