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Favorites(Sorted by Date)

1. What Kagerou Project Song is your life? (1,005)
One of these songs is now your life. How screwed are you? lol jk. But no one of the songs is your ...
2. Your Outfit (5,614)
Find out what you're wearing
5 by @spoonsyou
3. Your Daily Anime Nickname (715)
What is your daily anime nick name!?
4. Your anime husband/wife (3,357)
Who will be your husband/wife ? >w<
5. Brothers Conflict Kiss Time (912)
You are in Chii-chan's place now
6. A Letter From your Crush (8,180)
you got 1 new message. A short message but really important. Follow for updates: https://twitter....
7. kuroko no valentine (431)
Love is in the air
8. Your magical outfit (3,305)
Make a contract with me and become a magical girl/boy/what your gender identity is /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\.
9. Cute Hetalia Date <3 (2,914)
Aw, you two should go on a date...
10. Rescued (204)
Why on earth do you need to be saved?
3 Random
11. Who is hiding under your bed? (3,406)
You aren't alone...
12. Lucky Color Today (338)
Tell you lucky color today.
13. Songs throughout your life (315)
The songs that will be played throughout your life...
14. What Genre of Anime Are You In? (3,828)
Enter your name to see what type of anime you are in.
15. Kamigami no Asobi Kiss Time!! (623)
Sweet kiss with your God
16. Your anime boy first kiss (34,765)
With who and how cool will be your first kiss? :3
17. Which Kagerou Project character likes yo... (1,908)
Again, just like the titile says, hope you like it oho
1 Anime
18. Who's your Uta no Prince-sama soulm... (1,534)
Find your prince and destiny.
19. Your future life (516)
I see your future, and what will you become!
20. Fire Emblem: Awakening (1,218)
Your partner and class!
21. Fire Emblem Awakening Date♀ (4,468)
How will your anticipated date go...!?
22. Fire Emblem Awakening Date♂ (5,674)
How will your anticipated date go...!?
23. KLK Goku Uniform (941)
Wear it honorably!
1 by @spoonsyou
24. Your fantasy profession! (626)
Are you a Pop Idol Cowboy? or a Fencer Fairy? Find out!
25. Daily Yukine (282)
An image dose of Yukine from Noragami.
26. Which Vocaloid Loves You? (2,124)
Which Vocaloid/UTAU/fanmade loves you? And to what extent?
27. Your Jooubachi no Oubou lover (78)
What the title says
28. Jooubachi no Oubou harem. (152)
What the title says.
29. What kind of soda are you? (457)
soda pop bop shoowap
1 by @BlGEMO
30. be a cutie (21,112)
what sort of girl are you, pals
31. Self-Insert VOCALOID OT3 (384)
youre in a ot3 have fun
32. Your Tarot (328)
Three Card Spread
1 by @spoonsyou
33. Your life in Kuroko No Basuke (1,722)
One day after school at Teikou Middle School ... <Results changes daily ;)>
34. Visual Novel Creator v1.91 (4,856)
You're the protagonist of a visual novel!
35. Your first date with Senpai! (24,473)
How will it look and how will it end :3
36. drawing prompt (379)
tells u what to draw
37. How yaoi are you? (847)
Figure out your yaoi percentage today!
1 by @loonaoo
38. Will Senpai EVER Notice You? (970)
^^Good luck!
39. Which Pokemon is your lover?<3 (1,861)
Not the silly trainers, moron. THE ACTUAL POKEMON. (Gen1 Only oops ;w;)
40. Your Pokemon Team! (4,691)
Your very own Pokemon team!!
41. If you lived in Kalos (6,531)
Diagnoses your starter, hometown, and fate
42. Your Role in a Story (1,254)
Just like the title says, know your role in a magical story!
1 by @InviSama
43. Gazette song (80)
Song best represent you is
44. Your bestfriend and enemy! (1,278)
Find out your anime bestfriend and enemy! Don't be shock XD
2 by @fettnash
45. Canon SHSL Swap (928)
Generates results from Dangan Ronpa, Super Dangan Ronpa 2, and DanganRonpa/ZERO.
46. Try a New Marvel Team (499)
Randomly assigns a Marvel team to try out! (Assist type uses different characters to get around dupl...
47. Horoscope Mood Compatibility (297)
Your daily mood depicts which horoscope you are compatible with.
48. bethany kept me safe (65)
where did bethany the hot librarian void horror take you?
49. Flight Rising dragons (255)
What kind of dragon are you?
50. What you will do (128)
Answer "Improbable" or "Probable."
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