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Favorites(Sorted by Date)

1. Are you a husbando, waifu, senpai, or...... (84,170)
Test yourself and find out :)
2. Waifu meter (418,442)
What percentage are you a Waifu?
65 waifu
3. Magical girl generator (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。 (100,204)
What would you look like if you were a magical girl!!!!!! pls tag me in drawings of your mahou shou...
4. How delicious are you? (15,502)
Find out how delicious you are. Let's hope you're not rotten!
5. Ideal Bara-Kemono (82,825)
What is your ideal bara-kemono?
61 by @and_is_w
6. Become a Magical Girl! (152,976)
Make a contract with me and become a magical girl! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
7. Which kuroko character are you (6,366)
Which kuroko no basuke character are you?
8. How Old are You? (34,721)
Determines your age by your name.
4 Age
9. Your fetish/kink (10,273)
A lot of these aren't tame!! (sorry about some of them ending up censored but it shouldn't...
10. What you'll do to your senpai. (16,571)
So your senpai surprised you. What would you do?
11. Your esper power (9,820)
From To aru Majutsu no Index / Kagaku no Railgun
5 by @Riruun
12. Your Famous Last Words (495,082)
Words that everyone will remember you by. You only die once! (Now with charts!)
13. Will Senpai notice you? (231,334)
Find out if the senpai will notice our cute little kouhais!!! (updated)
14. What Type Of 'Dere' Are You? (12,966)
Go ahead
15. Bishounen Maker (72,253)
create your bishounen character!
16. How much of a cinnamon roll are you (42,974)
Are you pure, or mediocre?
16 by @Chihyah
17. What kind of reverse harem member are yo... (827)
Hot guys are life; they exist for us and we exist for them.
18. The meaning behind your name (755,403)
What does your name mean?
125 by @SANchipinchi
19. How dense are you? (708)
You're a harem protagonist and being dense is a must.
20. What magic do you use? (44,841)
What kind of magic would you use if you were in an RPG?
21. Yandere meter (59,569)
find out your yandere precentage!
22. Anime Power Generator (19,592)
Find out what power you'd have as an anime character!
23. How perverted are you? (3,516,336)
Find out how perverted you are
Hot! 130
24. Your Tsundere Meter! (324,234)
Diagnoses your Tsundere Level
25. Senpai Says (134,956)
If senpai DID notice you...
26. What "Dere" are you? (76,137)
Let's check what type of Dere are you?
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