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20 || UK || she/her || 🏳️‍🌈 || cosplayer || Camus enthusiast || utapri/sonic/hypmic/tourabu || 💘 @Grinnsley 💘 || sis: @BigBadHonchkrow
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1. Hypnosis Mic OTP (1,822)
This Shindan will expose your Hyp Mic OTP. Jiro and Saburo are not included.
2. Your Assigned Utapri Kin (206)
doki doki de kowaresou 1000% love hey
3. Your Assigned Hypnosis Mic Kin (2,015)
Homies we are.
4. Which hypmic division suit you the most (1,000)
5. Hypmic Soulmate (and other things) (6,213)
This diagnosis is only for fun, and is prioritized for Hypmic lover ;)
6. Which HypMic Character Are You? (5,000)
Find out which HypMic character you are
7. OTP scenario generator! (2,362)
Something for @Hijirikawaren and I to use when coming up with cosplay scenarios, but it works for dr...
8. Some OTP drawing prompts!! (9,298)
Enter your otp for some cute and silly drawing prompts! Some may be nsfw.
9. UtaPri surprise! (1,081)
You open a door! What do you see?
10. Who's your Uta no Prince-sama soulm... (1,631)
Find your prince and destiny.
11. little Utapri incident (1,884)
what's your little incident with the Utapri boys? check it out!
12. utapri fluff (2,774)
by yours truly
13. Uta No Prince-Sama - Caught in the act! (2,654)
An idol sees you do something with another Idol...what happens!?
14. Uta no Prince-Sama - A day with an Idol (2,964)
You get to spend a day with an UtaPri idol. How does it go? (Could be pretty hilarious!)
15. Uta no Prince-Sama - Romantic Gesture?! (3,723)
An expanded version of the character kiss scenarios, with a little less romance and a lot more humou...
16. Otome Boy Generator (1,350)
Like the title says. enter a boy name~ I mean, you have to imagine the rest, still...
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