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1. Who are you as a waifu? (143,694)
Hair color, height, cup size, all that. Use google if you don't understand any terms and stuff.
2. Your Digimon Partners, Digivice and Cres... (282)
I use the English dub names for the Crests. You'll also have up to four Rookie partners.
3. Full-Time Magister Element Affinity (613)
Quanzhi Fashi
4. Which elements are you? (966)
Find out your primary and secondary elements.
5. Senran Kagura Waifu! (2,324)
Oh, YAY!
6. Outfit/Costume Generator (7,909)
7. Demon Slayer OC Creator (102,927)
What kind of swordsmen will you be if you were in demon slayer? Give this a go and find out!
8. Your unique armament (284)
Generates a weapon with random stats, element and name.
9. Mythical Creature (18,280)
What would you be if we lived in a world of fantasy?
10. Actual Genderswap Generator (Female) (3,218)
You use your current hair and eye color
11. Love Live! OC Appearance Generator (433)
Generate the appearance for your Love Live! OC/Idolsona. find out aspects of their design to help cr...
12. My OC Creator! (Girl Edition) (369)
Remember! These are not set in stone and you can change whatever you're not happy with!!
13. Fae/Faerie generator (1,353)
find out your fae type or use as an Fae OC
14. Log Horizon Complete OC Generator (1,515)
Using all the classes, subclasses and other necessary things from the Log Horizon Wiki, you can gene...
15. Create an Android girl! (3,013)
Programmed for... Stuff...
16. Your Anime Character (3,099)
Description of who you would be as an anime character.
17. What are your top 10 nhentai tags? (14,536)
nsfw - im sorry some things get censored and sometimes i have no idea what the hell they are
18. God Eater Waifu (489)
For the love of Goddess!
19. Neptunia OC (2,960)
Game on bro
20. Senran Kagura OC! (1,661)
21. What Major Arcana Are You (3,701)
Tarot Card
22. Your real genderswap! Male to Female (7,319)
Wanna see?
23. Real Neptunia Waifu (2,465)
For realzies!
24. You're a Senran Kagura Character! (1,282)
Its Ninja-time!
25. Your anime female genderswap/waifu (2,693)
Now with species/ability!
26. You're a WITCH! (1,368)
Cast a spell... I DARE YA!
27. Your female Fantasy Character! (2,114)
For you traditional Dungeon-Crawlers!
28. You as a Succubus (6,714)
How lewd!
29. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 5) (7,633)
She Has a NAME! (And personality)
30. Ultra Waifu Generator (Part 4) (6,330)
Put some Clothes on!
31. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 3) (17,116)
What IS She?
32. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 2) (6,935)
The Body Part
33. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 1) (29,584)
Face description
34. Mecha Pilot (Female) (1,416)
For protag and Waifu needs.
35. Ultra Genderswap Generator (Part 2) (3,472)
3 sizes of fun
36. Ultra Genderswap Generator (Part 1) (5,645)
Face and Hair
37. Be the Waifu! (4,923)
An improved version of "You're the Waifu"!
38. How strong are you in a Battle Anime (11,947)
you can test what power do you have & how strong are you inside of an battle anime. *PS : please...
39. How strong are you in a Battle Anime Ver... (6,443)
Upgraded version of my How strong are you in a Battle Anime Shindan, with some changes *AGAIN*.This ...
40. Your Power Over The Elements~! v.2 (4,703)
I can use graphs now, so... Here ya' go!
41. Intimacy stats! (NSFW) (89,408)
Get your personalized intimacy stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
42. How does he/she kiss ? (70,384)
His/Her kiss step by step
50 kiss
43. Romance stats! (28,625)
Get your personalized romance stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
44. Your DnD Character (17,482)
Your DnD Character stats
13 DnD Games
45. You're the Waifu: Part 1! (With Sta... (12,440)
Your appearance as a waifu.
46. You as a super kawaii High School Girl. (1,256)
Ever wanted to know how bishe and kawaii and sugoi and bakabaka ichigo you'd be in a high schoo...
47. How much of each dere are you? (242,662)
Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.
48. What are you the god(dess) of? (2,634)
Find out what elements you rule over as a magnificent celestial being!
49. What kind of idol are you? (5,873)
Inspired by Idolmaster Cinderella Girls! Uses feminine terminology.
50. Fantasy Character Generator[Male] (273)
Lots of NPC's- 275+ First names 170+ Last names And common professions are duplicated meaning i...
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