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Favorites(Sorted by Date)

1. What kind of Giantess are you? (4,088)
what you'd act like as a giantess.
2. How Your RPG Adventure Ends (5,568)
Find out how you meet your demise in this furry-centric RPG!
3. A Bad Time At The Park (15,602)
Warning: Contains lewd and fetishy/furry outcomes! Most likely vore, but not limited to just that. F...
4. Micro in a Locker Room (5,707)
You're tiny in a locker room!! What happens???
5. Oh no! You've shrunk in a hot furry... (14,343)
Where have you shrunk? How small are you? And who's the hunk that owns this place?
6. Who's your macro date? (5,153)
friday night date night
7. Fetishtopia (6,260)
This is one for the many fetishists out there. Includes a different array, but not including gore, s...
8. Furry Roommate (13,308)
Who is your furry roommate?
9. Dined on at the Gym(NSFW) (2,057)
You received a complimentary trial membership at a high class gym...what is your name
10. Furry Vore Randomizer! (2,103)
Settle in, have a taste... Or maybe it's YOU being tasted...
11. Your Day at the Mall (5,028)
What will happen to you at the (very corrupt) mall? Find out! Contains: Furry, vore, musk, other rel...
12. Your Furry Bully (22,035)
Possible #NSFW results. Find out which furry beast you're going to get bullied by.
13. What kind of Tiny would you be (3,770)
What your size, living place and desires.
14. Life as a Macro/Micro couple (4,767)
what you and your significant other would do in a Micro/Macro situation
15. Micro May Daily Shrink Ray (2,381)
Step up step up and pull the lever to see how small you get each day of the month of Micro May. Resu...
16. Shrink Ray 2.0 (3,536)
Excellent improvements have been made, now thank you for volunteering to test our shrink ray/ Didn&#...
17. Who shrank you? (FURRY, MACRO/MICRO) (3,939)
You've been hit with a mysterious beam and shrunk down! Question is, how much, and by whom?
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