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1. You but as a D&D character (30,409)
What kind of Dungeons and Dragons character are you?
2. Which Viva Piñata Species Are You? (57)
Which one of the Piñata species in the Viva Piñata universe are you? Find out now!
3. Night In The Woods Character Maker (448)
Want to make a Night In The Woods character? Here's a place to gather up some ideas! Or just a ...
4. Random Character Traits/Quirks (351)
Get inspiration for characters! 100 items but I'll add more later.
5. Character creator for BNHA (12,886)
Enter your name and find your appearance and quirk listed Along with your friends and crush.
6. What kind of manga are you in? (181,399)
Find out what your manga life is.
7. Fairy Tail OC Generator P2 (2,262)
Part two to the Fairy Tail OC Generator! What is your OC's Background Story? This is my first ...
8. Owari no Seraph OC Generator (4,797)
just for fun :3
9. your next oc (485)
what your next oc should be
1 oc by @j00nk0h
10. Your Monstersona (6,922)
wanna make a monster, dunno how to start? use this generator
11. Fursona OC Generator (80,754)
What will your animal OC look like?
12. What is your fate in Danganronpa? (3,030)
You were dragged into a Danganronpa killing game... Did you survive? TW: DEATH AND SUICIDE
13. Your Steven Universe Fusion! (13,837)
What is your own fusion, and their traits? (Do name1 x name2, or their names together/ ship name.)
14. What kind of RPG boss would you be? (V1.... (601)
What kind of RPG boss would you be? This generator includes: A (generic) title and the place where y...
15. What Demon Deal Did You Strike? (2,255)
Those Kemono Demons are everywhere these days. What happens when one visits you? Did you take the de...
16. Fire Emblem Heroes Generator (29,793)
(includes chart!) You've been summoned into Fire Emblem Heroes! What kind of character are you?
17. fnaf oc genarater (525)
need help with makeing a fnaf oc well you come to the right place this give mostly every thing to ma...
18. Your Vocaloid self (2,575)
Just a little thing for vocaloid fans
19. Gemsona maker! (2,050)
Gemsonas of every sort right here!
20. What Is Your Fantasy Race? (4,343)
As you read the weathered scroll in front of you, a strange feeling thrums in your chest. Your body ...
21. fur yourself! (108)
turn yourself into a furry, make a fursona, or whatever. feel free to change the data you got a litt...
22. Make your Yuri!!! on Ice OC (8,968)
What you will be in Yuri!!! on ice ?
23. what's your sonic OC? (3,288)
it's sonic ocs
24. Sonic OC Generator (18,327)
Live and learn! What your Sonic OC is. (includes chart :^)
25. Fakemon Generator (407)
Generates a concept for a Pokémon.
26. Hazbin Hotel OC Generator (5,910)
Make your own resident of hell from VivziePop's series, Hazbin Hotel!
27. DBH Android Oc generator (1,213)
Generate yourself an android character from Detroit:Become Human
28. Your elf persona (12,531)
High cheekbones n' pointy ears (probably too long)
29. BNHA OC Generator!! (54,296)
What quirk your quirk be and how would you look in the BNHA world? :)
30. Your RPG Character's Stats (134,527)
OH boy
31. What is your Yandere Simulator club? (1,575)
In which club are you listed? Find out!
32. Elder Scrolls Character Creator (852)
Embark on a journey across Tamriel. Adventuring is in your bones, traveler!
33. Pony OC Generator V.6 (5,447)
What colour is your fur? Hair? What is your special talent? All answers in this installment of Pony ...
34. Your SAO Avatar (11,413)
Find out your Sword Art Online avatar. Updated!
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