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ShindanMaker uses Twitter's app integration system to make logging in easier.
Click the button below to authenticate with Twitter and log in.

If you want to check or change the Twitter account that you are using, please check Twitter account switch page beforehand.

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Logging in gives you access to these features:

Create and post diagnoses.

  • Anyone can easily create joke diagnoses just by using their name.
  • You can also edit and delete diagnoses.
  • You can choose to not make your diagnoses public and use them privately.

Save diagnoses created by other users to your Favorites.

  • Receive notifications when diagnoses you've Favorited are updated.

Follow your favorite creators.

  • Following lets you receive notifications when a creator you follow creates a new diagnosis or updates an existing one.
  • You also gain access to the Mute tool, which lets you block the content of specific creators.

Show User Diagnoses in real-time for other users on the system.

  • Use the Twitter API to see the latest tweets.

Use the Twitter API to tweet from within the site.

  • Pushing the tweet button will display a tweet window, letting you tweet from a logged in account. The tweet window will appear within this site, so you do not need to navigate to a separate Twitter app or site to do so, nor will you inadvertently tweet from the wrong account.
  • When connecting with Twitter, you will be asked to authorize our service to "send tweets," but this refers only to when you physically push the tweet button on the site.
    The service never makes unauthorized tweets on the user's behalf.
  • The application name that will appear when you connect via the Twitter API is 診断メーカー shindanmaker.com
  • If you receive an unauthorized tweet, it is not from ShindanMaker. You can access the Twitter web site to see which app made the tweet, and unlink it to stop unwanted tweets.

Use with peace of mind

  • The service is provided free of charge.
  • No tweets, retweets, or follows will be made on Twitter without your authorization.
  • The Twitter account name and other information you use to log in for a diagnosis are not used by the site.


Beware phishing app connection pages

  • Some sites may attempt to spoof our site and ask you to visit a page to connect an app. They may steal your tweet permissions or send you spam. Watch our for the below.
  • The only page on ShindanMaker that is used to connect your Twitter account is this page. You will never be directly sent to Twitter timelines or other integration pages.
  • Any apps you connect to that are not named 診断メーカー shindanmaker.com are counterfeits.
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