[sona] diagnoses on that theme


assigns u a ranger colour/weapon + some other things

Government Assigned Monstersona

monstersonas are just sonas but spookiertag art made with this with crypticmonstersona (if anyone uses this lol)

Warriorsona Generator

A non-canon compliant Warrior Cat sona generator, with all the canon options included alongside many, many non-canon options.. *Edit: Added eye colors!

Your New 'Sona

Like fursona or witchsona, but I'm making most of these up from the top of my head (and most are silly). You can also use this for characters.

pvz plantsona maker

get assigned a plant. put on some pants. soil them.

sona generator

Don't have one? Well now you do.

Scaly Sona Generator

Tired of being a STINKY furry? Want something with scales? I got you.
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