[pet] diagnoses on that theme

Behind the Pet Shop Window

Who's that adorable pet in the store window? It's you! Somehow you've been turned into a pet and are now being sold to a good home!

Your Dream Pet

The pet you actually always want to have. *surprising results!*

Your Cute Tentacle Pet

Haven't you ever wanted a cute, cuddly... slimy... tentacle pet?

If you had a pet, what could it be?

Is it a cute or wild? Check it out bebe

Magical Jewelpet

Pets are loyal to their owners.

Griffon Generator

So... many... birds.... 4,677 birds and 182 cats. What kind of griffon will you get?(don't mind the dashes. It's the only way to have all the birds.~)

Your Combat Pet and their abilities

ever want to know what fuzzy widdle murder baby you're taking into combat is? now you'll know!
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