[outfit] diagnoses on that theme

Generic Clothing generator

Can be used for males it’s just more made for girls

Outfit Picker (female)

Put in your name, and get a randomized outfit!

Dress Designer

Oof, this took a while. But I hope this is a nice and detailed dress generator!

Outfit Design Idea

just some quick inspiration

Anime-Style Outfit Randomizer WIP

This randomizer is geared towards anime or fantasy fashion traits. The randomizer is designed to suggest outfit design traits for inspiration, not a cohesive outfit. The randomizer includes masculine and feminine traits.

Your Outfit in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Make an outfit in ACNL. This will probably come up with some weird stuff. Also, some headgear items cancel out accessories, and dresses cancel out bottoms. Might make a Pocket Camp version later?
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