[meme] diagnoses on that theme

Are you squidward?

Are you squidward

Check your Gayness!

Lets see how gay you are lmao

Big Chungles Admin Generator

Instagram User big_chungles


See your child's future!


Get your illegal name here! The format is [Trait/Skill] [Brand] [Crime]! Go wild, go nuts!

Cake Check


body swap w/ got7

as the title says ;)


got7 but make it yandere

Methane fart percentage!!

How stanky your fart is

Are you dumb?

This will show you if youre dumb or not.

Are you a chad or a virgin?

Find out if you give off chad or virgin vibes.

Dumb b*tch meme generator

yes. i did god's work (CW: some contain graphic language)

What is your PP energy?

Find out your PP energy here.

Do you get laid on 𝖕𝖊𝖓𝖎𝖘 inspection day?

Do you get laid on 𝖕𝖊𝖓𝖎𝖘 inspection day?

what 2019 meme you are

what 2019 meme u are

I became a god while I was asleep?

You wake up as god one day. But what kind of God are you? Check it out.

is you bubby?

are you am the bubby from diarrhea of a wimpy child?

are you obama?

will you obama or slap yo mama?

Which MFB Beyblade are you?

Metal Fight Beyblade, the superior Beyblade series.Find out if you’re a competitive powerhouse, or as awful as can be.

Vibe Check, Mandatory.

This is a mandatory government-issued vibe check, now please be seated.

Create a Sonichu...?

Planning to plunge into CWCville if Christine’s theory of realities merging comes true? Well, you may need help from your own Sonichu!

what are u like on ur main? (daily)

diagnoses what ur like on ur main account. bapy? horny? scary? stinky? wack? cursed? let's find out. :flubsh: (may also apply to what ur like in public!)

friend shaped?

You..,, may be A friend... but... are you? friend shaped???

SoundCloud Name Generator

Find your sc rapper name.

epic meter

it checks how epic you are

What kind of Area 51 Alien are you?

You wake up imprisoned in an alien facility along with other creatures you've never seen. Who are you?

how uwu are you?

find out how uwu you are!

pizza stats

find out how crusty u are
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