[kin] diagnoses on that theme

whos ur genshin kin?

for all u kinnies out there

gov assigned homestuck kin [extended]

pre and post scratch kids & trolls, + sprites, guardians n cherubs

fgo kin assigner

find out now

gov assigned homestuck kin

pre and post scratch kids & trolls

your angel kintype

find out your official, god-assigned angel kintype. no refunds.

what is your government assigned kin o_o

i don't make the rules

Government Assigned Cursed Fire Emblem Kin

be forever burdened by this kin forced upon you

shitty kin assigner

except this time they're not all from sitcoms

Government Assigned MCU Kin

Come get your government assigned Marvel kins here!

Who Kins You?

doubles invalid

ur government assigned kin

i dont make the rules... its the law

Which owoflops™ admin are you kin with?

Let's find out your factkin out of the admins!

Cursed Kin

Get assigned a cursed kin

Goverment Assigned Oni Kin

and no i don't mean the characters. im talking abt the actual onis

Goverment Assigned AoOni Kin*

*not actually the onis this time tho the oni is still 1(one) result you can get.

sanakuma assigned yandanronpa Kin!

sorry i don't make the rules sanakuma does
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