[japanese] diagnoses on that theme

How lonely are you?

Your percentage of Loneliness

Which anime emoticon are you?

My own version of ArinaEndoh's Shindan. So, please check their's out too!

Japanese Surname Generator

Generates 1 random Japanese surname (last name).

Japanese Name Generator (Male)

Will generator 1 masculine Japanese name. (see my surname generator and pair the results for a full name)

What Japanese stock phrase will you say?

You can find them on TvTropes. :)

Female Japanese Name Generator

This will generate 1 feminine given name. (See my Japanese surname generator to pair results) Look up the names for their meanings.

What is Your Japanese Name and its Meaning?

This is not meant to be taken seriously whatsoever. XD Results change daily!

Japanese idol generator [fem.]

A generator for female japanese idols.NOTE: The dates may be unclear (ex. February 31). If a date comes up like this, count it as the end of the month. (February 31 becomes February 28)

Anime School Club

This will generate a normal club or sport for your anime character to join.

Life With Hey! Say! JUMP ~~

Diagnoses your (future) life relationships with from Hey! Say! JUMP ;)

Japanese Names

Japanese name picker

Hey! Say! JUMP Fated Person

Diagnoses your fated person within Hey! Say! JUMP members ;)
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