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Your Bara Furry Blind Date!

You've been set up on a date! Who do you meet with, and how does it go?

Your SHINee date

Find out how your date with SHINee will go ^^

Furry Date Story [NSFW]

Explore your furry fantasies and potentially kinky ending of a date with an anthropomorphic character.

On a date with BTS

How does your date with BTS go?

Monster Boyfriend Blind Date

You're going on a date with a monster boy!

Who's your date?

Who's going to take you out on the town and ehat do they plan? Note: some results are gender neutral. This depends mainly on the what they wear part.

Valentine’s Date with Pandad

What happens when you go on a date with a thicc and needy Pandad?

Your date with B.A.P

How will your date go?

On a date with Stray Kids

How does it go?

Monster Seeking Monster ... Prom Edition?!

Hey Jackbox player! We heard that you are looking to find a monstrous date but you just can't seem to match with anyone. So, with this diagnosis, we can use your nickname to determine the right species for you~! Happy dating!!-MoonlightMirage

On a date with TXT

Imagine having a date with TXT!

Your ATEEZ date~

Enjoy your date~ 💞💕

On a date with NCT

You're on a date with a NCT member, but weird stuff happens.

Your Hetalia date

Find out wich is your perfect date from the Hetalia characters

Which Marvel character takes you on a date?

which marvel character dates you

Your Hot Male Mystery Date

As you're getting ready for a mystery date your friends have set you up on, you hear a knock at the door. Rushing to get ready, you go to it to find your mystery date.

Date with a Monster

2, 4, 6, 8--I think it's time for a date.It's time to get ready for your special blind date with a monster! These single or open monsters come from all walks of life, and all over the multiverse. But remember, you can only go on one date a day!

Male Furry Date

a blind date is a good way to try something new. Now, think about that with big fluffy boys. Better, isn’t it? Let’s see who is your date tonight

Your JKT48 Member date

Your SatNight date with JKT48 Member ^^

What would he say to you today

K-Project! Love story, I guess? xD what would he say to you today?

Speed Dating Simulator

Will you find your next love at a speed dating event?!

Male pokemon Date

Date big guys is the most interesting thing you can do in the pokemon world. Let’s see what anthro pokemon dates you

Date with BTS

Date with BTS

Tekken dream date

Go on an adventure with your favorite tekken character(s)!

Perfect Date

What is your perfect date?

A date with a Pins girl

THIS DIAGNOSIS IS for a mature adult only! If you are under 18, move onto the next test. This is not for you.

What Disney couple is most like you and your gf/bf

Type in the name of you and your crush or gf/bf, s.o.Will include real couples that married and couples that only lasted so long :P and dead people.Anything Disney and Pixar. (Not marvel or Star Wars)

A Date with 4TE

Find out which 4TE member is your match and how you spend your date!

Youtaite Friendly Date

Who will go on a friendly date with you? And how will it turn out?
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