[creator] diagnoses on that theme

Horni Character Creator

a randomized character creator, just give a name you want to use and it'll generate a character for you. Personality will not be a factor here because it is too complex, plus, you are allowed to adjust any of the factors given to you however you like

Create your lich character [LQT]

What kind of lich are you? Find out by putting in your name! Or the name of your friend or favorite character. Lich personas are based on the comic "Lich Quing's Tale" by J. Lovelacehttps://tapas.io/episode/1858145

New OC idea prompts

Use this to create a new OC! You get to decide their gender and other more specific info if you like the prompt. If you do not like the prompt, feel free to re-diagnose with a different name/nickname. Thank you so much for using this!

Anime Babe Oc's


▶Create an OC : Art Challenge◀

(Currently only Female Gender Characters) ▶ Create a Random OC and try drawing them! ▶ Remember to add #OCArtChallenge so we can all see together!~ ▶⌠Create an OC : Drawing Prompt - Art Challenge⌡▶ By https://twitter.com/PJPyro

Trollsona Generator

generates a Trollsona/FantrollYou can choose to discard any info you find unnecessary for your purposes, this was mainly created for me to use when I'm bored. Hopefully, others find this fun as well :)

Character Creator (Male)

Male character creator

RWBY Weapon Creator (My first one)

Im new with this so it may not be the best

Random Character (OC) Generator

Generate your new random OC!!!

Avatar Creator

Create your own avatar!

Your MegaMan Battlenetwork navi

Your navi abilities and status if he was in a BattleNetwork game

Your true love is....

find out a person's true love keke, lots of results

If you were an anime boy... MORE RESULTS!

updated frequently. good OC creator too. the word before 'hair' is a color btw...

OC Creator (>w<)/

Let's make an OC!(I've put the height in meters and inches, because that is how we measure in Spain)
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