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Which Ben 10 Aliens will be in your Omnitrix?

You'll get a list of 10 aliens in your Omnitrix, hope you get a few you like.

Where on Cybertron were you born?

Cybertronians are created through two confirmed methods: they are either "Forged" or "Constructed Cold." Their names include a "of [place]" suffix to describe where they were born, e.g. "Megatron of Tarn".

Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy: What is your class?

Under Functionism your placement in the hierarchy is determined by your alt mode.

The Thirteen: Which would you align yourself with?

The Thirteen are the first Transformers created by Primus. Rightfully huge and powerful, each was designated a Prime and given unique roles and natures to battle Primus's ancient foe, Unicron.

Which Transformers universe stream are you from?

The Transformers multiverse consists of at least 15,962,782 cataloged universal streams (1,176,325 of which have "come to termination"), according to the TransTech Cybertronians' exhaustive records.

As a Cybertronian what is your sacred geometry?

Anyway you look at it, The Transformers have some really really nice geometry, inside and out.

Alien Girl Generator

Generate random alien girls

Reason why aliens gave up on abducting you

the title IS SAYING IT

What is your Farscape species?

There are a frell-ton of awesome alien species in the Farscape universe. Which do you belong to?
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