[Weeb] diagnoses on that theme

your weeb name

you're weeb af and there's no going back so why not screw yourself up even more

Fav Anime?

Favorite anime’s (only a few since limited answers :))

YTP Name Generator

Find a name for your YTP!

What are you fghjkl;’

i only poo poo farted for the good of humanity

??? how much % are you ???

find out how many % of impulsive, tired, weeb, waCk, soft, ugly, and edgy you are

Weeb Percentage

See if you're a full ben or if you're ronan

Telos' Waifu Generator

This time with even more chaotic and arbitrary possibilities! (I tried putting everything in at least customary and metric, apologies if this fails to abate confusions)

Telos' Waifu Generator [Ultima]

Abuses random numbers to the limit!Welcome to the [new stage] of waifu generation. I never want to do this again, but it's worth the shenanigans.First edition over at https://en.shindanmaker.com/883967. Thanks for visiting!

F*ck, Marry, Kill (The Lingo Show Edition)

Who would you end up with? ;)


ur gay
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