[Warriors] diagnoses on that theme

Your Battle Cry

Need to shout something before beheading or eviscerating your enemies? Try this.

What kind of Warrior Cat are you?

What would your life be if you were a cat in Erin Hunter's Warriors series?

Warrior Cats Callout Generator

Why have you been cancelled?

Warrior Cats Generator 1.0

Fur Color/Fur Pattern/Eye Color/Skill/ Skill Level/ Weakness/Gender. If Calico Or tortshell, cancel out gender or color.

What Are You As A Warrior Cat?

What's Your Name? What Clan Are You Born From? What Is Your Coat Like? What Eye Color? Are they Starclan or Dark Forest?

Tribe Cat Generator! (Warriors)

Create a random cat from the Tribe of Rushing Water! Sorry for any strange names.

Your Warrior Cat Life! V1

Ever wanted to find out what life would hold for you as a noble cat? Gaze deep into the Moonpool, and behold your life...

Warrior Cat Name

Just your name! Kind of just a name generator for if you need names... :3

Your warrior cat life

Find out what your warrior cat life will be! Will you become leader, or betray your clan? have 7 kits? fall off a cliff? kill your kits? find out!

What is your Warrior Cat name?

What it says in the title :3

Warriors Naming Ceremony

Receive your Warrior (or Medicine Cat) Name and Official Clan

ur emotional support warriors cat

ever wanted to know who your emotional support warriors cat is? wonder no more bc here you are

Axo's Warrior Name Generator

don't mind my other shindans please!this generates NON TRADITIONAL warrior names :)Thanks to waff for compiling the prefixes!!Check out the original list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MfdX07fiOhkhtvksSVzMv2iied3f6CCzzImRFNt8J8o/edit#

Warrior Cat Creator

CREATE A BATTLE KITTYnote: colors and patterns are based off actual cat genetics, but with some summarizing done to make it more understandable. || http://messybeast.com/colour-charts.htm here is a complicated guide on cat genetics

u as a warrior cat

exactly what it sounds like

Are you a good WisteriaClan Cat?

Are you good enough for Sprucestar? Find out.
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