[Vore] diagnoses on that theme

A Bad Time At The Park

Warning: Contains lewd and fetishy/furry outcomes! Most likely vore, but not limited to just that. Feel free to imagine the other character as feral or anthro, if it's not already mentioned or implied.

Your Furry Vore Experience

What's eating ya today, or maybe you're the one who's hungry?

Your More Alternative Furry Vore Experience

For those who like the weirder sides of vore and prefer a more alternative way. Not safe for work and generally odd

How do you eat your prey?

Find out how you most enjoy eating a big, squirmy meal...in detail!

Furry Sleepover: Shrinking Shenanigans

Sleepovers - those magical nights that turn into mornings as you pass the hours away with good friends. Tonight wouldn't be any different, but that weird soda from the host shrunk you down! Hopefully these beast boys don't take advantage of you...

gorge yourself

Get a huge stomach. Warning, there wil be vore in result. Send foodstuffs and scenarios ideas if you have any. I will be adding more to this later.

Your Male Furry Vore Predator Generator!

Someone is stalking you...they are very big and also very hungry. Who knows what kind of predator will strike and gobble you up!

Giant Pokémons!

While playing Pokémon, you're suddenly shrunk down and sucked into the game! To make it even worse, there is a giant creature right next to you!

Your Day at the Mall

What will happen to you at the (very corrupt) mall? Find out!Contains: Furry, vore, musk, other related fetishes.

How will you be eaten today?

Very important information.

An Adventurer's Voracity

A dungeon artifact gives you great strength... and great hunger. What sates it along the way out? (Vore related!)

How Your RPG Adventure Ends

Find out how you meet your demise in this furry-centric RPG!

Your Vorish Day

Find out exactly who makes a meal of you today, and how.WARNING: Contains, like, a ton of vore. If you don't know what that is, you probably don't wanna try this one out.

Your Gay Male Furry Vore Result Generator!

Are you a hungry furry guy and love eating other furry guys? Well, let's see just how hungry you are! Gonna swallow him or stuff him down into your balls? Find out what happens with a click!*WARNING - Implied digestion

Which Pokemon will eat you?

WARNING: has sexual content. Which Pokemon will eat you today and how?

How Fattening Will You Be?

Simply input the name of a predator (someone you know, a species, a crush, whatever!), and we will calculate how much you'll be fattening them up after they eat and digest you! Also can be used to tell friends how nutritional they are!

Your Male Furry Vore Prey Generator!

As a big predator, you are always hungry and looking for someone to eat...someone BIG and beefy to make a filling meal out of! Never go hungry again!

your vorish date (prey)

I have decided to make a much more "wholesome" vore scenario creator. Simply put in the name of your hungry crush or character. I will be adding to this as time goes on, so stay tuned with a fav!

Dined on at the Gym(NSFW)

You received a complimentary trial membership at a high class gym...what is your name

Your Vorish Day on the town

What you did to get that gut

Shrunken around your dog! [WARNING Vore / Macro]

WARNING: Macrophilia/Vorarephilia themed. Viewer discretion is advised.Title says it: You shrink while being with your dog. Let's hope you've been a nice owner.

Inanimate Vore

It's not only anthro preds you should be watching out for..

[Vore] What's your Haunted House fate?

You and your friends are exploring a strange old house where everything wants to eat you. Can you survive the night without being stomached?

The Big Eat

You're about to get devoured, how will it go down?

Vore story prompt

(First try at one of these) Writing prompt for any vore authors out there. It will occasionally use the name you input, so feel free to add in a OC if you like. Use multiple names, or add spaces before and after the same name to get various results.

A hot spring snack

When you go to the hot spring for the first time, you would think someone would help you, but no. Instead of going to the human baths, you walk right into the anthro male room! Uh oh What's on the other side of the door!?

What's Your Pred Stalker Like?

You've caught the attention of somebody today, somebody who wants to gobble you up for supper. But if you know what they're like, maybe you can avoid them! Take this shindan to figure out who has you in their sights today.

[Vore] Crush or Slush - The Predator Dating Show!

Welcome to Crush or Slush, the only dating show that pairs prey with predators to see if love can overcome the predator's insatiable hunger to feed! You've just joined as a prey on the show, but can you convince your date not to eat you?

It runs (down the throat) in the family (belly)

You have a very hungry family. You included. Who will wind up eating who and what will happen? Warning there is vore! Inspired by another similar shindan and writing help came from a friend. This was hastily pushed out and will be eventually updated more.

Your Incest Vore Experience

Someone in your family is very hungry. Maybe it's you.WARNING: Freaky adult situations.
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