[Villains] diagnoses on that theme

Magical Girl Villain Generator

Because sometimes you just want to be a particularly hammy type of evil.

Pokémon Villains

Discover your Pokémon villain team!

Which MLP:FIM Antagonists would'ya team up?

Let the evil magic begin. I'll update over days or if I can, containing more villain not Canonical to MLP:FIM.(Or Canonical) So which one wiill you team up to take over in the name of evil?

Which Pretty Cure Villain Are You?!

Not including evil Cures, Black Hole, or Fusion o v o||

What Is Your Relationship With Syndrome?

The Incredibles is a 2004 Pixar animated classic. But, with every great hero, comes a great villain. Syndrome terrorizes Metroville before meeting his end in an unfortunate cape related incident. Use your name to uncover your relationship with him.

Super Consultants Incorporated

So! You've decided to take over/save the world! Congratulations on this life-changing decision! But before you do anything else, you'll need a name! We here at Super Consultants Inc. are happy to help!
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