[Undertale] diagnoses on that theme

The hilarious horny meter

Check your stupid frickin’ horny levels and wash your face while you’re at it, fricker

Undertale soul randomizer!

Get a random undertale soul (colors =/ trait. Colors = self)

Whos character undertale au Dating with You? why?

Nah just have fun:v ( btw- gak gakjadi deh- )

Your ULTIMATE Undertale Run!

How will your run of all the Undertale games so far go?!

Which Undertale Char would you take the role of?

See which main character you take the role of.

Totally normal Undertale

Totally random guessing

Undertale Thingy

Let's see what you'd be and your stats, you also get to pick your magicThis is kind of to help me with an undertale AU that doesn't have a name

your relationship with undertale characters!

enter your name to find out your relationship with the various undertale characters!

What Megalo suits you best?

This is my first try at something... Hope it isn't shit.

what's your undertale theme song

whats ur song .......

Your Undertale OC

Check the title pals ;)


Your Best Nightmare

make a tem

make your own temmie!

what's you undertale soul

find out out 7 soul the one you are

Welcome to the World of MOTHER/Earthbound

Find out your favorite food, favorite thing, and place in the world!

Undertale Human Generator

Put in the made up character's name, not a real person if you want an original oc.

Undertale Shipping Thing

This is my first shindan so pls don't judge if it's bad :3

Undertale Crushes

Who has a crush on you, who you are crushing on, and who will go yandre for you.

Undertale inflation

See how your'e in inflated underfat and by which character

How Does Sans Feel About You?

woA!!! saNs..... cUTE!!1!(Probably going to be worked on in the future, too, because this is actually really fun)

Who will win Your heart?! (Undertale)

Who'll be the one? :3

Undertale Character Generator

Just a quick thing if you want to generate a character in the world of undertale.


Similar to Sans he suffers depression from a non-caring death. but he loves jokes and is seen wearing a black jacket and red sweater. Has a T-Shirt under. wears silver shorts with black lines through. Has red shoes. And lastly, San's smile but changes emot
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