[SEVENTEEN] diagnoses on that theme

relationship with seventeen

I got inspiration from this: https://en.shindanmaker.com/780350

Your Seventeen Husband

17stans comeeeeeeeeeee

who's ur seventeen sugar daddy?

put in ya name and cash in w ya babe


Who is your seventeen boyfriend?

svt energy

which seventeens have u absorbed

What's Your Relationship with Seventeen?

FInd out what's your relationship with 1 random Seventeen member from each unit!

Who's your seventeen boyfriend?

Let's find who's your seventeen boyfriend

Who is your Seventeen Daddy?

carats come here

Seventeen compatibility test!

Which member are you most compatible iwth?

A Date With Seventeen

How did it go?

seventeen life cause why not

inspired by my other nct one

Seventeen Spin the Bottle!

Which member will it land on?

Seventeen as Twitter Mutuals

(i saw this done for loona and nct so here's a svt one)

Your SEVENTEEN'S Boyfriend

Seventeen is a Dork group. So start to Stan this group.


Stuck in a tower with a Dragon? Who is going to risk their life to save you?

Seventeen Scenario

i used only the current members (after debut)

Seventeen Bias

are you having trouble choosing a bias??

svt compatibility

who ru compatble w/..


a short imagine with a member of seventeen.

Seventeen Know Me?!?!?!

How does Seventeen members know you?

living with seventeen

*slipped into the diamond life*

— school life w/ seventeen 🍨

hello guys i’m back from the dead and i’m here to give you a lovely ‘school life with seventeen’ shindan, enjoy lmao

seventeen natal chart

find out your sun, moon, and rising!

Seventeen kink generator

This is dumb and I'm sorry

****Marry, Kill (Seventeen Edition)

Who would you end up with? ;)

Seventeen Classroom

You're in a class with Seventeen! What will happen?
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