[Robot] diagnoses on that theme

Robot girl generator

Generate a robot girl character!This one is a bit detailed so it probably won't play nice with twitter

I Am Gundam

Diagnoses the mobile suit you pilot and your callsign

What kind of robot are you?

It describes your looks and functions as a robot.


Find out what kind of robot you'd be!

Your Sonia.

You just recieved your very own Sonia the Sexbot! You just turned her on, time for her to introduce herself.

Your Robot

As a genius inventor, it's only natural you decided to construct a robot companion. How did he turn out?

What Kind of Robot are you

If you were a robot what would you be like?



Neon Light character diagnosis

This diagnosis will tell you what kind of Neon Proxy (robot) you'd be in my fictional world and possibly video if I ever get around to making it.
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