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Randomly generate an OC for BRIBBLECO™, a group of Roblox games. Feel free to suggest things I should add!

Какой ты вишап

Определение, какому вишапу соответствует сегодня!
Какой ты вишап

let's make a witch!

make a magical witch character! includes title, characteristics, familiar, setting etc
let's make a witch!

What type of weapon are you?

Let's see how you would turn out
What type of weapon are you?

Simple Oc Generator

I'll make the character guideline, you create the rest!
Simple Oc Generator

Ultimate Dragon OC Creator

Gives your dragon a type, a personality, an appearance, plus Alignment.

OC vibe prompts

Several random word prompts for character creation, may include species too.

Weird tmnt oc generator

Tmnt oc generator. Sorry if it's garbage, this is my first attempt at making one of these, and this is a test run for a bigger, better tmnt oc generator I want to do.

Genshin Impact Oc generator!

Feel free to use this as an inspiration if ure having problems on creating a oc (btw the results change daily)

OC generator Mln.Ver

Melon's OC generator, put a name or whatever

Haikyuu!! OCs

Just a random generator for OCs from the anime Haikyuu!!

oc concept generator!!

gives u some subjects to try and fit into one character !! :-)

Votre personnage dans One Piece !

Comment êtes vous dans le monde de One Piece ?

Cookie Run OC Maker 2

more in-depth OC maker for Cookie Run! with more flavors, personality traits, etc.

Your Stardew Valley Villager

create a stardew valley OC, that's it.

detailed OC appearance!

spent a lot of time on this :D

fallen london OC generator v2

the fifth stolen city, london, is full of unique and fascinating people. here is one of them. (results are usually too long to post directly to a tweet; screenshot them!) v2 adds a weakest attribute, two new lists, and a special easter egg...

Lhylaera OC Generator!

one of the major featuring species in SUPERLUMINA: the colourful Lhylae’een (sing. Lhylaera) posses charm, athleticism, intelligence... and two pairs of articulate, sexy tentacles. now, you too can be one!

Cutie Creator

Randomly generate a cutie! (Using this mainly for my personal story so some things are based on that)


how does your story in the superlumina universe play out...?

What is your Closed Species?

find out what your closed species is; based off of the closed species community and its many highly-specific "species"

sona generator

Don't have one? Well now you do.

My webtoon char creator!!

Char creator for my upcoming webtoon ig


Diagnostic for a Lich OC

your jujutsu kaisen oc

honestly dont know how cursed energy works even though ive watched the anime and read the manga sweating emoji.also second/third portion are optional lol

Object Show OC

I was bored

Random oc generator number 3967

This is mainly for personal use for oc making but feel free to use it yourself! The results can give you humanoids, furries, ferals, object heads etc so yeah :p nothing too special! Colors are up to you, some cursed options, beware.

Your Fur-Friend: Let's Create A Fursona!

Let me help you create a 'sona! Over 400 unique species for you to choose from! Enjoy <3
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