[LIS] diagnoses on that theme

Who's style do you have from Life is Strange?

In honor of Before the Storm, I decided to make a Life is Strange Shindan -- not about personalities, characters, but clothing styles!

What LiS ship should you write a ___ Fanfic about?

Just like the RWBY one I madeDont know the official ship names. I probably forgot some people.

Who is your LiS Brother?

MORE LIS. MORE LIFE IS STRANGE.It's been a month since it ended. I'm not letting it go.

What LiS Female is your sister?

This place needs more Life is Strange shindans.You can decide if you're the younger one or the older.

What Life is Strange song is your theme?

No room to put the artists. These are only the insert songs, not original score.

Your Life: Life is Strange

Fixed the title. If you don't know about Life is Strange check it out because it's awesome. This shindan will tell you, your life in the game, Life is Strange. Welcome to Arcadia.
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