[KamenRider] diagnoses on that theme

Kamen Rider Creator

Become the mighty defender of your city or town against the forces of evil by transforming into a Kamen Rider!


You gain the ability to be a hero called Kamen Rider! And you also get to meet a fellow Kamen Rider. The question is, what will you use to transform and who will you meet?

What if You were a Gamer Rider?

Which Gashat will you use, and what is your weapon?


Your in and out of suit appearance, gimmick, and fighting style!

Which Gamer Rider are you?

just a random kamen rider ex-aid shindan watch it pleaseこれは仮面ライダーエグゼイドの診断だ。

Kamen Rider Motif Generator

A kamen rider motif generator

What are you as a Kamen Rider

See what you would be as a Kamen Rider!

New Rider

You as a Kamen Rider!

Your death in Kamen Rider

How will it end for you if you were a villain in tokusatsu?

Which Kamen Rider are you?

What form will you transform into as a Rider?
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