[Kagepro] diagnoses on that theme

Which Mekakucity Actors Character are you?

Let´s see which Character you are ;D

What Kagerou Project Song is your life?

One of these songs is now your life.How screwed are you? lol jk.But no one of the songs is your life...so yeah.GL!And when I mean your life is now about [insert song] I mean the lyrics and words, and what happens during the song. :D

Your horrible date with a Kagerou Project chara!

Go on dates n shit. Male charas only.

Your Date Couple in KagePro

Diagnoses your couple and your first date in kagepro

Which Kagerou Project character are you?

includes Mekakushi Dan members and others too

Kagepro crack pairing

No Kagepro ships end well

What's your Kagepro OTP?

extra points if you write or draw it

Kagepro FMK!

Who will it be, hm?

If confronted by Konoha....

Kokonose Haruka's got a thing to say to you probably. I'm bored.
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