[Japan] diagnoses on that theme

Your followers

Ever wondered why people follow you? Maybe this shindan can give you the reason why!

What Super Sentai team are you?

Super Sentai is a awesome show in Japan. If you watch it you will now some of these teams

You as an Anime Girl

What you would look like as an anime girl. Your results will probably be too long to be tweeted, sorry about that!

What's Your Female Japanese Name?

Find out your female Japanese name, its kanji, and its meaning. Family name comes before given name. Unfortunately, translations may be somewhat rough. Includes unisex names, 700+ last names, and 900+ first names!

Kamen Rider Creator

Become the mighty defender of your city or town against the forces of evil by transforming into a Kamen Rider!

NPB Draft

Find out who drafted you (and not Yu).




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