[Impact] diagnoses on that theme

Weapon Compatibility

Just for fun :)

Vision Compatibility

Just for fun :)

Your life in Teyvat (Genshin Impact)

Let's say, that you live on the world of Teyvat. Where are you from? What is your Vision? What's your affiliation? We can find out all of that, including your relationships with others! (Constantly updated with the new characters)

Genshin Impact Vision & Delusion Combo

if you can have both, which element will you get? :)

genshin oc generator !

pretty self explanatory :D

which genshin 5* would be your s/o

just some genshin impact nonsense

Genshin Impact Character Generator

It generates the basics of your character and their relationships with the characters in the game.

Genshin Impact Family Scenario

Who will be your brother? Your sister? Do you have a boyfriend?Let's find out

How much of a simp are you for Childe?

Ohhh, you want to kiss Tartaglia so bad...
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