[Generator] diagnoses on that theme

「Your aBility」

What is your unOrdinary ability?! (Accurate ability level, user tier, and ability explanation)
「Your aBility」

RangedMelee: Weapon Combiner

A generator that combines weapons together. Whether it be cool or lame is yet to be decided.

oc concept generator!!

gives u some subjects to try and fit into one character !! :-)

Yet another aesthetic generator

This is pretty abstract, but I hope this will help you with art inspiration or character creation or whatever.

In which I assign you an oc :)))

This is probably going to be terrible

RPG Weapon Generator

What RPG weapon are you?This is based off no particular game and I took inspiration from various aspects of real life and common MMO RPG games!

Dragon Designer

create a derg!

your new genshin oc


OC/Waifu Generator

Female OC/Waifu Generator.

Random oc maker!

Just for ideas.

Warrior Cat Creator

CREATE A BATTLE KITTYnote: colors and patterns are based off actual cat genetics, but with some summarizing done to make it more understandable. || http://messybeast.com/colour-charts.htm here is a complicated guide on cat genetics

You as a Kemonomimi!

Use this if you need OC ideas or whatever!

Danganronpa OC (DROC) Generator

Generate your own Danganronpa OC with an unique name, talent, birthday, likes and dislikes, as seen on the Student Report Cards in the Danganronpa games! Find all the materials you need to start building the perfect OC!

What is your furry level

see how much of a furry you are

Furry OC Generator 2

Can't get around to designing a compelling furry character for a story or to be used for porn? Let this help you out!

Hero Stats

Tried making a stat thing for heroes, let me know what I can add!

Random name Generator [ sorta rough sorry]

Did a random generator for names, some are normal, most are not... oops...

Bat Birther

create your own warrior ca- i mean bat [for private use in a fictional world]

Bol's OC Wacky Wheel

spin the wacky wheel and see what funny character it creates!

Random Color Generator

A simple random hex color generator

AkaiRiot Character Design Generator

Ever wondered what you'd look like as an Akai Riot character design? Now you can find out.http://www.twitter.com/akairiot

Original Character creator*

only generates physical appearance, gender and orientation. As for personality... be a little creative!

Rus OC maker - Dragons! (детальный)

Мой первый генератор, теперь на русском

3 рандомных динозавра / птерозавра / плезиозавра

По просьбе одного человека делаю генератор для трех рандомных диносов

MLP OC generator (На Русском) by August

Второй генератор персов который я сделала, первый это английский с драконами, если интересно можете посмотреть

Mermaid Appearance Generator

No idea what I'm doing- but why not?

Cowboysona Generator

Giddyup, vaqueros! Time to figure out your cowboysona! Are you a mystifying bandit, or a hardboiled marshal? Find out that, and more, right here!

Big 3 shiz

This diagnosis will tell you the big 3 (Sun, Moon, and Rising) of someone important in your life.

Your animal fusion!

This is just a simple thingie I made in under 30 minutes please be patient with meeee
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