[Gacha] diagnoses on that theme

Legend Festival Luck Test

Find out your lucky today.

Genshin Impact Klee banner gacha simulator!

Wishing sim for the Klee banner in Genshin Impact (characters only)

Undertale 5-Roll Gacha

What characters will you roll today...?

Shining Live Gacha Simulator

Wondering what the next gacha pair will be? Will best boy come home? Find out here!

Which Granblue unit you'll never get a SSR of?

Discover here which SSR character you will never get through your draws. Hope you have enough sparks.

You've just been pulled in a Gacha!

What's your rarity? Where do you stand in the meta? How popular of a character are you?

Original 151 Pokémon 5-Roll Gacha!

A gacha for the Kanto Pokémon. Inspired by another shindan.

photokatsu roll simulator

get your dream PR! maybe

Genshin Impact Weapon Pulls

What weapons are you likely to pull in Genshin Impact? You will get 5 random weapons. They can be absolute legends or that common you keep getting everyday. I found all the weapons on the Genshin Wiki. (I know there’s some you don’t get from pulls)

LGBTQ+/SOGI Gender Sexuality Diversity 7Shot Gacha

Gender Sexuality Diversity 7 Shot Gacha!Happy Pride Gacha!!🌈For Japanese → https://shindanmaker.com/995549
LGBTQ+/SOGI Gender Sexuality Diversity 7Shot Gacha

Gacha Character Generator

Gerenerate a gacha character for yourself

genshin event banner pulls!!

*assuming you are at a 50/50!!* ^^will assign you a pull! come back daily to pull again ^_~

Gacha Pull Tendency

Your tendency in pulls, what you’re likely to pull. Be it rares or commons.

Gacha for Icylilies Adopts [Female]

Female Gacha for Icylilies Human Adopts. Please put in your unique number to generate your adopt!

How much of a whale are you?

How much do you spend whaling in gacha games?

How likely you’ll pull a 5-Star Gacha

During Morning or Night

Gacha for Icylilies Adopts [Male]

Male Gacha for Icylilies Human Adopts. Please put in your unique number to generate your adopt!

Danger's Gacha Test 1

Test for a prototype gacha/roll probability table for an original game/projects!


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