[Fat] diagnoses on that theme

How fat is yo mama

Is yo mama fat?

how fat are you and how is your fat distribution?

You want to draw your character fat but doesn't now how much weight you want to put and how to distrubute it let this shindan help you

Fatty whatever

Something about getting fat

Weight gain prompts

A prompt generator for weight gain related writing, drawing, or roleplay.Made for longer lasting stories with multiple scenes/panels.Sorry if some of the wording is a bit weird, but this is mainly for ideas.I may add more to this at some point.

New Year, More You (Weight Gain)

Your New Year's Resolution involves your weight, and anything but losing it. See how much weight you gain through the upcoming year!

Short Vore Story Generator (female pred)

This generates vore stories with female predators.

Death by Gluttony

What horrible way will you die from your own gluttony? For death feedists only!

Weight Gain Possibilities

a generator to create basic weight gain stories

Super Stuffing Story

it's time to get your eat on

So you are a Fat Fighting Game Character

You become a fighting game character, but fat!

So you are a fat RPG character.

Get your stat block and your fat bod.

So you're a character in a fat anime.

What fat anime character are you?

Feederism OC Factory

Welcome to the Feederism Factory! Want to make a quick feederism themed oc? Well this generator will give you a light description you can work off of! Creates male, female, and non-binary ocs. This generator is fetish content, user beware.

The WG Experience


body expansion scenario: breast edition

this is an alternate version of the body expansion scenario shindan, which includes breast expansion as well as belly and hip/thigh/butt expansion. this generator is meant for all genders, and uses they pronouns for the name entered.

Fattening scenarios

Just some prompts for characters becoming HUGE

Belly Growth Simulation 2.0

Your belly is growing, and you're going to find out why and you may just like it ;)

body expansion scenario

make a character bigger with this shindan! this generator is meant for all genders, and uses they pronouns for the name entered.

Belly Growth Simulation

Your belly is growing, this just tells you how and why.

feedee generator

generate feedee ocs just by a name! version 1.4

Fat Scan

Android 6-0-S will begin a full body scan shortly, and inform you of you bodily stats!Warning, this is about fatty's, and does have a lot of reading.

Big Fat Monster Girl Generator

A generator to make a big fat female oc! Includes body size, hair, eyes, and a hobby.


When just one more isn't enough... A short story.


Become the bear of your dreams

Fat Monster Girls~

Create a fat monster girlNow with more monster and better results ~ ♪

Kaiju TF and Weight Gain

What Kind of Kaiju and how big will you be

How fat did you become?

Includes weight gain, stuffing, and gas, aimed at mecha like transformers

Your Pokemon Daddy

You are the kind of person who is serching for a sexy pokemon partner? don't wait anymore! now we Will see how is you pokemon daddy.
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