[Fanfic] diagnoses on that theme


what should you ship today and why (includes japanese adjectives for maximum enjoyment)

EXO fic prompter

go write me fic

Fanfic/story prompts

Want to write something about two characters? No idea what? Get a random prompt with this shindan. Can be NSFW.

Your SPN AU love story

In another universe, you met a Supernatural character and fell in love...

Potter's Pentagon Adventure

What would happen if you were a Potter's Pentagon character?

Holly's omegaverse au generator,

find out your dynamic, scent, what kind of pack you're in and more!

What RWBY pair should you write a fanfic about?

What characters and what genre/etc

What RWBY OTP Should you write a ___ Fanfic about?

Like the previous one, but with OTP names.Will be AUs

What kind of fic are you?

What genre fanfiction should you write/read?(I'm testing the radar chart function. It's pretty cool!)

High School AU Fanfiction Prompt

Enter a ship, get a prompt.Now with even more possibilities!

VIXX fanfic generator

Need new ideas for your vixx fanfic?

What LiS ship should you write a ___ Fanfic about?

Just like the RWBY one I madeDont know the official ship names. I probably forgot some people.

[x] to [x] to [x] prompt generator

for when enemies to friends to lovers seems too cliché

johnny's west fic prompt generator

gayjanaika gayjanaika

The Dragon Prince Fanfic Generator

this is still a major work in progress but i just wanted more TDP content on here
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