[Enstars] diagnoses on that theme

why you would get called out in the enstars fandom

callout posts r fine actually. the other one was fucking WEIRD so we're doing this again :starstruck:

Who's your Enstars kin

Pretty explanatory

Enstars-Talktime with Natsume

I'm desperate for a talktime of my boi.This is still a work in progress, I'm still trying to figure Shindan Maker out.

What do you do With a Ryuseitai characer

What do you do with who?

What do you do with a knights character?

what will you do with who?

Your life in Yumenosaki

what class and unit are you in? your lover, best friend...

Your personal enstarsona

Discover your generated ensemble stars idol

Which Enstars Character are you most like (poll)

past maker was missing eden (eden rights) and added the teachers because some people be like that sometimes

whos your government assigned enstars kin

the title says it all

You as an Ensemble Stars! boy

Diagnose what kind of an enstars idol you would be!

Shitty Ensemble Stars Fanfic Generator

introducing the newest hit fanfic on the ao3 enstars tag!

enstars dream unit

if one of the results is ((blank)) it means you can fill it with whoever you want or leave it with no one and yea the results can be double so cut them out??? or congrats, your unit as 3 maos

Talktime with Leo

Uchuu~ Leo has something to say to you! ♪

Which Enstars Unit do you belong to? [POLL]

You're now in Yumnosaki Academy, but which on is your unit? Are you a Sentai Hero or a Rabbit?

points or ranking

OwO whats this

Your Ensemble Stars Self

Curious to know what class you'd be in, what unit, what club? Take this shindan and find out! (08/19 - has everyone up to Eden)

what is your ensemble stars life?

i hate myself

Ensemble Stars gacha predictor

predict the next gacha pair !

Idol Manager

You are now a manager, but which idol group is it?

Which Ensemble Stars Character? Poll.

A shindan that gives you four random enstars characters. Make a poll with your results and get your followers to vote on whom you are most similar to!

Which hokage are you in enstars

narto is best ninjfind out which hot soup is your ideal soup. i love fictional highschool idols someone put me out of my misery

Murdered by an Idol

Looks like you've possibly died at the hands of an idol. I wonder what happened... [Warning: consensual murder??]

Enstars Scout!

Will you get a 5*? Or will you get a 3*?

your enstars boyfriend!!

which enstars character is your husbando?? (i know theres a shindan like this already but it doesn't work so i thought id make a new one!!)

enstars wedding

a sequel to my last shindan i guess

Enstars date

you date the enstars idols, how does it go?

Enstars - Talktime with Midori

Angsty giraffe has something to say to you!
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