[Daddy] diagnoses on that theme

Who's your daddy?

Find your daddy babe

Who's your daddy?

A Daddy building factory for you to make Dad OCs to be your Husbando or an actual dad/Dad Figure! WARNING!! There is SOME NSFW results!Side notes, You may get hybrids of the same species. No extra body hair on mammals don't mean they shaved their fur :P

How daddy are you??

Find out how much of a total daddy you are with this quiz B)

Your Daddy Dragon

Everyone wants a Dragon Daddy. So I make this for everyone to know about how will be your dragón daddy and your relation ship

who's your bts daddy???

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Who's your Jojo daddy?

Find out which JJBA character is your daddy. (2/3/16: added more daddies)
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