[DOG] diagnoses on that theme

Sparkledog Meme!

Create your own randomized Sparkledog with these criteria.

What dog are you?

Because there are too many cat and wolf Shindans and not enough dog Shindans.

♥ What Dog Are You ♥

the important test ever (google if you dont know what they are)

How dog are you?

Find out how dog you are!

Your dogsona

What kind of dog are you?

Doge Breed Shindan

What kind of waf are you?

what doge are you

be a dog????

How do you act as a dog?

What would ur personality be as a doggo. when u die this is the dog u will be reborn as

what tank are you

are you my dog

Which type of dog are you?

You turn into a cute and smart dog.
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