[D&D] diagnoses on that theme

RPG Character Generator

Ever wanted to play RPG, but doesnt know who you want to be? Forget those times!

D&D5e Character Generator

A generator for your own PC following the rules of Dungeons&Dragons 5th Edition. Includes Race, Class, Stats with Modifier and Chart, Weapon, Equipment, Physical Description and a Backstory Idea

Knight ⚔️ Generator

Create your knight!

What Is Your Fantasy Race?

As you read the weathered scroll in front of you, a strange feeling thrums in your chest. Your body has been transformed!

Instant Fantasy OC

Can't decide what to roll for your next tabletop campaign? we got u fam

What would your nsfw D&D character be like?

Your unusually lewd D&D character randomizer.

What D&D cryptid are you?

oh yknow, those ones no one ever plays

Fantasy Drink Generator

is it a potion? is it booze? who knows

Become a Dwarf

Creates a physical description of a Tolkein/D&D dwarf.

Your D&D Character

A random D&D character generator. Includes:RaceClassStats

What Dungeons and Dragons race are you?

Find out what Dungeons and Dragons race you ought to be, or maybe play next? With a huge list that includes a lot of races that have been heavily tested and include a lot of rescources and most GMs ought to allow (save for a couple more monstrous ones...)

Fictional character's journey

Put your name, see who you are, what weird fantasy city you're from and what you're trying to accomplish

Basic D&D Character Generator

This generator creates the basics for the beginning of a character. Does not come with stats.Generates race, class, alignment, and background.

Warlock Patron Relationship

Enough of "i sold my soul to a demon / managed to deceive one to get powers!" What's your relationship with your patron? How'd you get your powers?

D&D Mixed Character Generator

More Races than a lot of other generators have.Enter what name you want for the character and see what they are!

Warlock Patron Generator

Having trouble thinking of a patron for your warlock? Just want a fresh spooky spirit concept? Try this.

Choose Your Magic

For Discord Purposes

D&D Class

What D&D Class are you?

What Race Are You?

Diagnoses your D&D Race.

D&D Stats

Weighted to averages, like rolling but not balanced exactly.

D&D character generator

find out your race, class, background, alignment and abilities

Randomize a D&D Character!

Playing D&D but don't have any ideas for a character? Let this decide for you! Includes species, class + subclass, and background traits

How Similar Are You to Vuthari

Test your similarity to t/CyberIncRobin ‘s dnd character

What are your D&D stats?

Don't actually use this unless the DM allows it.We're getting close to 1000 uses! Thanks for using this!

Dranmilla Facts

Yo, it's time for some Dranmilla facts about characters!

Your endowment roll

The result of your endowment roll (2d6)

DnD Ability Score Generator!

Hopefully this works :3 It will generate a random score of 6-20 in each ability score category! Good luck.

D&D Character Creator

A starter D&D character randomizer, daily results :)
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