[BTS] diagnoses on that theme

kpop male idol profile

i took some info from some profiles i found on the net. sadly does not include foreign idol results yetGive me a stage name and I'll generate a profile for you.


im beautiful


im beautiful

BTS' Reaction

when you're suddenly having anxiety attack UwU

Lobe u

𝕌 𝕥𝕠 𝕝𝕠𝕓𝕖

Your husband in BTS

Who exactly is the BTS member who will marry you?

A story of you and some K-Pop idols

This will be an absolute random story.



Who Is Your BANGTAN Soulmate?

Enter your name and I'll tell you your BTS soulmate!

your kpop debut (girl group)

See who YOU are bitch


yayayayaayay bitch


You get to see yo coffee date with the neo frat boyyssssss

which kpop group are you in + your kpop besties

the kpop group you would be in, and which kpop idols are in your friend group

Who will you marry in bts (Bangtanboy)

#bangtanboy You get married on the beach in LA with a member

High school crush?? ☘︎︎𝔹𝕋𝕊☘︎︎

Who was crushing on you on high school? Suga..? Or maybe V?.. I don’t know let’s find out ❣︎



If you were in a K drama with BTS

What if you were in a K drama with the BTS members?

God is My Life

Jesus I Trust in You

What does a random Kpop Idol think about you

idk what to say so you can just read the title lol

What would you be canceled for as a Kpop Idol

What would you be canceled for as a Kpop Idol ?

A night out with BTS

What would happen to you on a night out with BTS

Your Chances of meeting Bts

This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's chances of meeting BTS


Teamwork makes the Dreamwork💜BTSxARMY💜

Who is your husband?

Do you like bts?

Just for fun7363663



Just for fun


To see bts is my true love
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