[Art] diagnoses on that theme

omg i luv ur art!!!!

CAUTION: may contain tw, proceed with caution im sorryEnter your name and i will generate a uncomfortable cult-like praise comment about your newest art

What fantasy/ sci-fi sub genre should you use

Just a way to give ideas for OCs/worlds that you may not have considered before.

°~•🖤 Gothic OC Generator 🖤 •~°

✖️ Make a gothic character using this, this is also similar to loltia! You can draw it to - either chibi or not. ✖️

~•:💖 Kawaii OC Generator 💖:•~

💜 Make a cute character using this! You can draw it too - either chibi or not. 💜

dragon pose idea generator i guess

yeah i have no idea anymore. i also run out of ideas for art so h

Furry Character Design Generator

So you want to draw a furry but you have artists’ block. This should help!

Random Outfit Picker

Just wanting to practice outfits, so finding images or lists about the internet and choosing at random from this <3 Feel free to use for yourself too. For URL replace (dot) with .

Furry Art Concept Generator (Adult)

Useful for generating concepts for furry art.

Bara Spectrum Tester

Where do you fall on the Bara Spectrum, from 1-10?

Minecraft Mob Human Hybrid???

I'm tired lol sorry for any mistaaakes

*✧・゚:* Random Word Generator *:・゚✧*

a bunch of random words I find cute hahasorry it has fake art hoe vibe in Eng...

which fine line song are you?

you sunshine, you temptress.


Supernatural sex goddess who eats men and lives like Persephone

Art challenge : original!pokémon generator

This diagnosis can be used for art challenge! (Still in construction)*Concerning the first option (body type/shape), you can look at Bulbapedia page for more details: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_shape

Random art idea generator

Just an art idea generator which uses the format of a challenge I found on pinterest that I really like

catboy generator

Make your own catboy!(If you draw your catboy, please tag me on twitter! I'd love to see them!)


CrAzY AliEn

what kind of art do u make?

i only ever make cursed stuff honestlyfirst attempt at a diagnosis !!



Random OC generator for art

This is mostly to get out of art block so have fun with this! (please don’t take this too seriously this is just for fun :)

Smaugst 2020

Generate a dragon prompt once a day every day of Smaugst! (I'd recommend typing "Day 'x'" each day)

Aesthetic prompt

Generates a colour scheme, music genre (optional), and three keywords to create a random aesthetic for mood boards, art ect. Mostly created for personal art use but I thought others might like it.

Basic Character Creator

Creates a simple character description! Good for inspiration or drawing drills.

Color Palette Generator

Colors!Get a Color Palette as well as how much to use of each!!~*Not sure why some of the colors are named oddly. Like some red colors are labeled brown, I'm just using official(?) Hex Color Names


Teen, eccentric, introverted




Some guy


I don't know what to write here lmao

Art Challenge by R

This is a art challenge, put you character that you whant to draw and draw it with the specifications

Knight ⚔️ Generator

Create your knight!
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