[kpop] diagnoses on that theme


generates a kpop idol for u to post/stan

golden child compatibility ?

will jangjun obliterate you or work out with you… let’s find out …
golden child compatibility ?

Kpop Idol Stats

Let's see what your stats would be if you were an idol
Kpop Idol Stats

Your Prediction With VERIVERY!

Know Your Future Prediction With VERIVERY
Your Prediction With VERIVERY!

What's Your Compatibility With VERIVERY

Know Your Compatibility With VERIVERY
What's Your Compatibility With VERIVERY

Your Life with TO1

(Heavily inspired by this shindan: https://en.shindanmaker.com/997104) What roles would the TO1 boys play in your life?
Your Life with TO1

Your compatibility with NCT2020

we gon' resonate resonate ~ (if you want to see specific members you need to put your mouse on the dots)
Your compatibility with NCT2020

Your compatibility with Enhypen

give me fever ~
Your compatibility with Enhypen

sleepover with enhypen

just for fun :)
sleepover with enhypen

Your Life as a Kpop Star Diagnosis

Your Life as a Kpop Star
Your Life as a Kpop Star Diagnosis

BTS' Reaction

when you're suddenly having anxiety attack UwU

twice comfort headcanons

comfort headcanons for your fav girls :)

your boyfriend in target

stan target <3

Your husband in BTS

Who exactly is the BTS member who will marry you?

mooon red


your debut album (girl group ver.)

pov: u are going to debut in a gg and this is your debut album

which kpop iconic line are you ?

find out which kpop iconic line you are

A story of you and some K-Pop idols

This will be an absolute random story.

why are you still single

find out why you’re still single

your bestie

A simple diagnosis that uses just one list.

You as an Ateez member

How would your life be as the 9th member of Ateez?

Ateez relations

Your Ateez relations


See what you are doing with JYP oppar right now




What JYP thinks you are.

school w mcnd

dance like udangtang


Im funny smart and good dancer and singer

Songs from my Spotify Playlist

Most of them are kp*p songs because I am a fucking loser but like 1 or two of them aren't or whatever.
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