[NMB48] diagnoses on that theme

NMB48 Band

Find out your ideal NMB48 band.

Yamamoto Sayaka Ship

Who do you ship Yamamoto Sayaka with?

Duet with 48 group

Which 48 group member going to sing a duet with you and what will it be about


Find out what product you will be promoting in a CM with a NMB48 member.

NMB48 Ship

Find out what your favorite random NMB48 relationship is.

NMB48 Love Triangle

Find out who's in your NMB48 love triangle.

NMB Comparisons 1

Find out whether you prefer Milky or Sayanee and more.

Your YNN Special

Find out what your YNN (NMB48 Channel) special is.

NMB48 Gen Oshis

Find out who your NMB48 oshis are by generation.

Your NMB48 Heavenly Queens

Find out who your NMB heavenly queens are.

NMB48 Family

Find out who are your sister, wife, and daughter in your NMB family?

Your NMB48 Top Three


NMB Birthday Letter

Find out which NMB member writes you a letter on your birthday stage.

Top 3 Favorite NMB48 Songs

Find out your top 3 favorite NMB48 songs.

Which NMB48 member are you most like?

Find out which NMB member is most similar to you.

Your Spot in NMB48's Next Single

What spot will you have in NMB48's next single?

NMB48 Singles

What is your favorite NMB48 single?

NMB48 Bingo

Find out what prizes you win from playing BINGO with NMB48.

NMB48 Zipper

You're now in Yamamoto Team N and the units for N3 have been shuffled. Who will you perform Zipper with?

NMB48 Mates

You are in NMB48. Who are your best friend, rival, and crush within the group?

NMB48 Team Oshis

Find out who your NMB48 Team oshis are.
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